What Does It Mean To Be A Member of Hope Church?

Membership at Hope Church is one of the most critical ways you can help support and strengthen the ministry of Hope Church. Membership says, “I have committed myself to this church family. It may not be perfect, and I may not be perfect, but I believe God has called us to follow Jesus together.” One need not become a member of Hope Church to be a welcome and vibrant participant in the life of Hope Church; but we believe that as the love of God brings us together in Him, we will be also be drawn to commit ourselves to God’s Work here in membership.

On a practical level, membership carries a few important responsibilities. Members are entrusted with the ability to serve in key servant-leadership positions such as elders and deacons. Members are also given the responsibility of voting at congregational meetings, helping to shape the future direction of this ministry. Lastly, members are able to represent Hope Church before our larger church family in the Christian & Missionary Alliance.


How Do I Become A Member of Hope Church?

We’re delighted you asked! If you’re ready to pursue membership at Hope Church, please complete this Hope Church Membership Application and submit it to the church office right away. After receiving your completed application, the church will set up a time for you to meet with at least a couple members of our Elder Team to talk about what following Jesus together means as a member of Hope Church.

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