Hope For You!

At Hope Church, everyone is welcome and invited to come, worship and follow Jesus – and none of us began this journey from the same starting point. We all have different stories, come from different backgrounds, we’re all in different seasons of life, and we’re all dealing with different situations…but we are also all family, united under one Savior!

Here's Hope

What is Hope Church all about? We are all about following Jesus together. What does that look like? We’d love to tell you. Just follow this link for a little more information about how we believe God has called us to follow Jesus together in Biblical community.

Finding Hope

When are the services? How do I become part of a Community Life Group? How do I get to Hope? Who do I contact? Important questions all – and you will find the answer to them just by following this link…

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7477 145th St. W. Apple Valley, MN 55124
office@applevalleyhope.church  |  952.431.6500