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Sunday Mornings | 10:30 AM

Prayer is the primary work of God’s people, and we believe in the importance of working together.

So when we gather together to worship, prayer happens. Sometimes prayer is something we experience individually and in silence. Other times, we gather to prayer for specific needs in our church family, our community and our world. Whatever the manner or the motivation on a given day, however, we have one aim: that God’s good, perfect and pleasing will would be done.

We invite you to come and pray with us, but you will never be forced to. We do not believe that prayer should be an agenda item for an organization or a religious device to be memorized, but rather it is the opportunity given to us in the grace of God to come into His presence, to seek Him and to ask for His blessing, however that may look according to His wisdom. When we pray, the focus is on Jesus, our hope is in Jesus, and our desire is for Jesus.

God has called His people to pray, and so pray we will.


It had dozens of human authors – but one message. It has survived the rising and falling of great civilizations – but still changes hearts and lives. It’s the very words of God put into language that you and I can understand. It’s the Bible, and it’s what we preach and teach at Hope Church.

The clear, faithful and practical declaration of God’s Word is one of our most vital ministries at Hope Church. Every week, Pastor Tim cares for Hope Church through engaging, practical teaching from the Scripture, and we encourage you to join us this week as you seek what God’s Word has to say about your life. Please feel free to listen to our current sermon series, or a previous sermon series, below.

Messages at Hope Church



Let’s keep this simple. Worship is about Jesus, and Jesus has called His people to follow Him together.

The worship/music ministry of Hope Church has a very straightforward mission – to draw peoples’ hearts, minds, and voices to Jesus Christ and allow them to sing His praises with one voice. Our goal, through the way we worship together, is to invite everyone regardless of age or background to worship Jesus with all that they are.

So come to a worship service at Hope Church and you will sing songs that just came on the radio and songs that have blessed the Lord and the lives of believers for centuries. You will find a blend of styles originating from different eras and cultures – so long as our style points to the Savior. And so some things you will not find at Hope Church are worship team rock stars (though we have very gifted team-members and worship leaders), or lyrics that focus on us above our Lord (though we sing from our genuine human experiences).

You will be invited to worship Jesus just as you are and worship Jesus just as He is.

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